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Saturday, December 06, 2014Anna Thao

Just like every other beauty lover, I've always wanted my own vanity. But for the past couple of years, I resisted the urge to purchase one since I had very limited space and moved around way too much. So if you're anything like me, doing makeup on the floor in front of a full body mirror was the way to go!

However, I caved in this year and had to get one! I'm starting with a smaller desk for now because I am still just in an apartment :( But for sure one day when I have a house, I will definitely expand!

This is not an actual vanity set. I purchased everything separately because I wanted to incorporate different pieces to it. If you're interested, here's a list of where you can find a few of the items:
- White sheep skin rug (IKEA) $12.99
- 26"x26" Mirror (Family Dollar) $12
- Black 4-bin storage cart (Big Lots) $34.99

The thing is, I've been accumulating quite a bit of beauty products over time. Although I don't have a big collection, I do have enough to need a bigger space for storage... because things can get messy pretty quick! An eyeshadow palette here, a foundation there, a couple of brushes on the floor, and by the time you know it, you've got yourself a mess. And most of the time, you're rushing to get out of the door so you don't even bother to pick everything up. At least with a vanity, you can leave the mess on your desktop, which does not invade any of your other spaces.


In terms of storing and organizing my beauty products, I  have found some really amazing ideas. Most of them are great and super efficient! And there's a few I have yet to try out.

If you are not familiar with acrylic storage drawers, you are missing out! The one that I have is from Muji, and I love it! The acrylic is very sturdy I have actually been thinking about purchasing another one since mine is filling up fast! The best part about this is the fact that it's clear! You are able to see everything and easily access what ever product you are looking for.


For my nail polishes, I initially wanted a wall rack but have not found the right one yet. So for now,  I am using an over the door shoe rack (I got this idea from visiting Sia at her apartment -- thank you Sia if you're reading this! Lol) It actually works very well since I'm able to color coordinate my polishes in each pouch. Because I don't have a lot of polishes yet, it also leaves enough room to hold my nail tools, nail polish remover, and nail art kits. Definitely very convenient! But, I'm still searching for that wall rack!!!

** If you know of any budget friendly websites or stores that sell nail polish wall racks, let me know!


My bigger palettes, new unopened products, and random beauty samples are stored in my pull out drawer of my desk. And then everything else is placed wherever there is room, either on top of things or in my black cart as shown below.


This might sound a little silly but it's very soothing and therapeutic for me when I sit down and do my makeup. It puts me in a very relaxed state of mind, which allows me to reflect on life. I think about the positives and negatives, how my day is going to be, what I need to get done, what I have accomplished, and pretty much anything that comes to mind. Also, I keep a notebook or my phone handy in case I need to write down reminders or ideas of things I might want to try. 


I love being able to have some "me" time in the mornings and by having a comfortable space to do that makes it even better!

I still want to add a few more things, for example; a jewelry stand, a few wall shelves for extra storage, and some decor -- but so far I've been extremely happy with it! Once I complete everything, I will update you all!

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