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Friday, February 13, 2015Unknown

For Valentine's day this year, I wanted to gift something a little different for my fiancé - rather than buying a gift, I decided to see if I could make something. I mean, handmade gifts always mean the most, right?

Thank you to Pinterest, I found this cute diy couples game called LOVOPOLY. I'm sure I'm probably the last person to hear about it, but that did not stop me from making one! (If you're familiar with the board game MONOPOLY, it's the same exact thing, just more personalized for you and your partner.)


Step 1: You will need 4 sheets of cardstock (color of your choice) for the game board - Mine are 8.5x8.5

Step 2: Tape the four pieces of cardstock together so they stay in place.

Step 3: Use a ruler to pencil in the playing spaces. This is totally up to you whether you want more or less spaces - I just went with the number of spaces that the original MONOPOLY game has. Once you are done with penciling in the spaces, trace the lines with marker.

Step 4: Complete the board by naming each space. This is where you get to be creative and really personalize the game for you & your partner. For example, I named three properties after a few events that hold a special meaning to my fiancé and I: Boyce Avenue - our first concert together, Hot Air Balloon - for my fiancé's birthday, and Timber Falls - where he proposed. I replaced Chance cards with "Get Lucky" and Community Chest is now "Life's Surprises". Instead of Railroads, I went with cruise lines - since we've been wanting to go on a cruise.

Step 5: Make the money! You can get the Monopoly money templates off of Google, then just photoshop in the changes you want.

You will need: 
40 $1
40 $5
40 $10
50 $20
30 $50
30 $100
30 $500

Step 6: Make the property cards/Get Lucky & Life's Surprises cards. Again, you can find templates off of Google, or make your own. Remember to put the rent & mortgage value of each property. For the Get Lucky & Life's Surprises cards, you can pretty much do anything. Just be mindful of how much money is received or taken away.

Step 7: Color color color!!!

Step 8: This step is optional. I laminated the game board, the property cards, as well as the Get Lucky & Life's Surprises cards. It makes it more sturdy and will last longer.


I'm very happy and impressed with how it turned out and cannot wait to play LOVOPOLY with my fiancé! I'm excited to see his reaction!

(I made the game board fold-able for easy storage)

In terms of the game pieces, houses, and hotels - I figured I could just use the ones from the original MONOPOLY game since I have one sitting here at home. So, there you have it! Your own personalized board game! How cool huh!

I hope you enjoyed this diy gift idea! Have a great Valentine's weekend!

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  2. I really like how your money and property cards turned out. Do you have links to those docs? So fun! Thanks!! ~Shaunna

  3. What template did you use for the property cards? I cannot find one that doesn't already have colour in it