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Decorating Your Planner/Notebook & DIY Planner Ideas ♡

Monday, March 30, 2015Unknown

Hi everyone! I hope this post will inspire you and give you a few ideas on how to decorate and make use of your planner/notebook. In my case, I am using one spiral bound journal as my planner as well as my blogging notebook - this way I wouldn't need to carry so many things with me! I'm all about being efficient! (And if you haven't seen my DIY Monthly Inserts, be sure to check that out HERE for all the details on how to create your own!)

This is a video and photo-heavy post with lots of ideas - so definitely grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

P.S. I am getting my Snowball mic soon, so I can finally do voice overs in my future videos! Yay!

1. Decorating Your Planner/Notebook Page Layouts

This is probably my most favorite part of having a planner/notebook! When it comes to decorating, the sky's the limit! It's really up to your imagination because there's so much you can create! Since spring is here (well almost, if you live in the midwest like me), I decided to go with a watercolor and pastel color theme to freshen things up for my new layout!  

I like to use all sorts of washi tapes, stamps, stickers, and anything that I think would look good and compliment the layout! I'm in love with the way this page layout turned out! It makes me all happy inside because there's so many color and cuteness going on and I definitely can't wait to start filling it in.

2. DIY Journal Card Dashboards

I just love journal cards so much! They add character and life to your layouts - at least in my opinion! And once they are laminated, they will not get ruined and can be reused on other pages. You can either just leave them in as another decoration piece or you can use it as a sticky note dashboard for easy access as you are planning on the go! 

You can find journal cards at any of your local crafts stores, Wal-Mart, or Target. Otherwise, you can also make your own with cardstock paper! Download some cute fonts from and write your own quotes or find cute pictures from Pinterest and print them out!

3. DIY Paperclips

DIY paperclips might seem very tedious and time consuming, but they are not! You can use cardstock paper, washi tape, ribbon, stamps, and stickers (just to name a few) - if you're using cardstock paper or stickers and want to make it sturdier, just laminate the design before adhering it to the paperclip.

I think diy paperclips add a nice touch to your planner/notebook! I mean come on, look at how cute that is!!

4. Cute DIY Post it Notes

Using the regular post it notes are boring.. but their adhesive is much better than others and you can reposition them a million times without losing the stickiness. So, why not customize them and transform it from boring to cute! And honestly, it is so simple. All you need are stamps and/or a pair of scissors. You can pretty much go to town with it and do anything your heart desires!

(Chandelier stamp is from JoAnn | Stamping Pad is from Wal-Mart)

(Thank You Stamp and Stamping Pad is from Wal-Mart)

I hope you all enjoyed that and found it helpful! I have more DIY posts coming your way in the future, so stay tuned & have a fabulous rest of your week!


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