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REVIEW & SWATCHES | ColourPop Super Shock Cheeks

Wednesday, March 18, 2015Anna Thao

Hello Beauties,

I have been so fascinated and obsessed with ColourPop products - therefor, I'm super excited to share with you my complete and honest thoughts about why I love these products so so much!

ColourPop is a brand based in California and first launched their line with some beautiful eyeshadows, then they launched lippie six and lip pencils. Just recently, they expanded their line for the third time with a 20 blush collection in both matte and satin finishes - and to no surprise, the blushes are amazing just like their previous products! The best part about ColourPop - other than how impressive the quality of their products are - is that everything is very affordable. They are an online company so you won't be able to find anything in stores but there's nothing to worry about because shipping charge is FREE with a total of $30+ (which is so easy to do!). And you receive your products so quickly! 

So, let's jump right into the review & swatches of the 4 blushes I choose! 

Each blush retails for $8.00 (0.15oz) (super affordable!!!) and comes packaged in a box like the first image above. There was no way for me to tell what the blush names are just by looking at the box, but they are printed on the back of the actual blush itself.

Left to Right: Holiday (Matte), Prenup (Satin), Pegacorn (Satin), Between The Sheets (Matte)
These blushes have a mousse like texture and is so unique to the touch. It's almost like a cream blush, but not really either. I don't prefer nor do I gravitate towards anything cream but this product is definitely something different! The best way to describe it is probably as a cream and powder hybrid. And because of the unique consistency, the packaging requires a twist off cap to keep the product from drying out (so remember to tighten the cap back on after each use!).

Like I mentioned earlier, these blushes have two different finishes (Matte & Satin) - and I like them both equally. The pigmentation is beyond incredible and they translate so well onto the skin. The variety of colors is amazing so no matter what kind of skin tone you have, you will be able to find something that will will work for you. Some of the colors can be very intimidating - for example, Pegacorn, is a deep fuchsia... and you're probably wondering how could anyone wear that as a blush, however, the color is so forgiving and so build-able.

For a subtle look, just apply a layer or two with your fingers to the apple of your cheeks. And for a more dramatic look, keep building the product onto your cheeks with a stippling brush to get a more vibrant color.


PRENUP (My Favorite!)




These blushes are extremely long wearing and will pretty much stain your skin in a way where it will not budge or go anywhere. I swatched the top picture at 8am yesterday, right before I had to run to work and the bottom picture at 6pm - so a 10 hour day! I even wore a long sleeve shirt to cover up these swatches at work ;) And even then, you can see that the color is still as vibrant and beautiful as before! The only difference I noticed, is that the shimmer from the satin finish blushes (Prenup & Pegacorn) did transfer onto other areas of the skin (but that's probably the results of wearing a long sleeve over the swatches). Also, I had Prenup on my cheeks all day and usually with my type of skin and a long day at work, my blush tends to fade - but with this formula, I still looked like I just applied blush. It's amazing!


I am so happy with these blushes and everything else that ColourPop has created! I'm sure I've said "amazing" a million times during this review but seriously you guys, they are AHHHHHHMAAZING! I can't wait to get my hands on the other colors! 

I really hope you enjoyed this review and if you're thinking about making a purchase & can't decide which color to get, I would definitely recommend Prenup. It's a beautiful must-have pink hue that will look great on all skin tones! 


As always, thanks for reading! 

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