Carry-on Essentials

Thursday, April 23, 2015Anna Thao

Hello! I will be traveling soon for a pre-honeymoon trip and thought I would do a break down of what is in my carry-on bag. And, if you're also planning a trip and want to make your life a little easier, check out my ultimate packing list HERE.


1. Bag
When traveling, I opt in for something easy to carry and durable that will hold my essentials safely from point A to point B. I decided on using my Betsy Johnson bag from TJ Maxx. With the multiple compartments this bag offers, there is ample room for all my items. Not to mention, each compartment has a zipper to prevent anything from falling out. 

2. Small Purse/Wallet
Since I'll be going somewhere warm, I knew I wasn't going to be using my carry-on bag as an every day purse because of how big it is. I wanted something lightweight and efficient that could hold my wallet essentials yet still functions as a purse - and also fit in my carry-on bag during travel. So as I was picking up groceries at Wal-Mart the other day, I came across the perfect little crossbody bag. Not only was it super affordable, but it works just like how I had imagined! It has built-in slots inside for my credit cards and cash, along with some zipped compartments for what ever else I want to put in there.

3. Magazines:
To help the hours pass during a flight.

4. Snacks
To help with the temptation of purchasing EXPENSIVE airport food, and for those times on the plane when you have the munchies.

5. First Aid Kit
You never know when you might need this!

6. Hair Elastics/Bobby Pins
If you're anything like me, then you would know the pain of loosing or not having hair accessories on hand. So, I'm definitely trying to be safe by packing a bag full of hair elastics and bobby pins for those bad hair days.

7. Lint Roller
Gotta have this! It really annoys the heck out of me when I have dust & dirt all over my clothes.

8. Lotion *This will need to go inside a 1 quart clear zip top bag*
All that recycled in-flight air will make your skin extra dry so make sure you're keeping yourself moisturized.

9. Deodorant *This will need to go inside a 1 quart clear zip top bag*
BO is not sexy while traveling.

9. Sunglasses
These are nice to have after a long flight. Just pop them on and you will still look human! And if you're going somewhere tropical, then you definitely need these to protect your eyes from the UV rays.

10. Makeup Wipes
I usually don't do heavy makeup while traveling, especially if I'm flying. But I keep wipes handy to freshen up and get rid of any bacteria or junk that may have settled on my face during a flight.

11. Ipad Mini
Store your favorite music, games, and movies to keep you entertained while traveling!

12. Phone & Charger
We all know too well that feeling of forgetting our phones, so remember to add it to your packing list as well! And bring your charger with you in your carry-on so you can easily recharge during layovers.

13. Headphones
To not disturb your neighbors while flying.

14. Lip Balm
Again, airplane air is extremely dry. Remember to show your lips some love.

15. Mints/Gum
Keep that breath smelling fresh!

16. Hand Sanitizer *This will need to go inside a 1 quart clear zip top bag*
Airports are full of bacteria. Make sure to have this close by when traveling.

17. Headache medicine
Better to be safe then sorry!

18. Camera: Sony Alpha NEX-5R
And of course I can't forget my camera! Excited to take lots of beautiful vacation pictures for you guys!

So that's what is in my carry-on bag for my upcoming trip! Stay tuned for more travel related posts and follow me on Instagram @akthao for pictures of my pre-honeymoon trip!

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